Rhapsody Indie Week

I helped spearhead this indie music extravaganza for Rhapsody, in preparation for the great juggernaut that is SXSW. It features 30+ articles (with help from a few freelancers).

The specific posts I created for Rhapsody Indie Week are listed below. Click on each to check out the full article + playlist + album reviews. And listen to some music while you’re at it!

*The Evolution (and Dissolution) of Indie
My thoughts on the state of indie music, more specifically my attempts to figure out exactly what “indie” means.

*Source Material: Radiohead, Kid A
A comprehensive dissection of Radiohead’s 2000 magnum opus via its influences, from Aphex Twin to Miles Davis.

*My Bloody Valentine, Loveless: Descendants
A deep dive into the wide-reaching influence of this seminal 1991 album.

*Indie’s Biggest Badasses
A list of the genre’s smartest, boldest, most positively resolute don’t-f*ckin’-mess-with-them-or-their-craft artists… Featuring Nick Cave, P.J. Harvey, Karen O and more.

*Cheat Sheet: Britpop
Future Anglophiles, this here is just a mere introduction to the great alternative music that came out of the U.K. at the end of the 20th century… Featuring Blur, Oasis, Suede and more.

*Senior Year, 1987-88: College Rock Cool
Celebrating the true cool kids of the mid-to-late ’80s, those who were listening to stuff that would influence a whole new generation of left-of-the-dial pursuers. No cassette deck necessary.

*Top 25 Indie Albums of 2012
My picks for the best of 2012, from Grimes to Santigold to Japandroids to Alt-J.

*The State of Punk 2012
From Canada to Sweden to London to Brooklyn to Cleveland to NorCal to SoCal, those who prefer their sonics shrill and their lyrics snarled were gifted a wealth of new noise to split ears (and probably some brain cells) to.

*Radio: ’00s Indie
Introducing my handmade radio station full of indie hotshots and underground faves.

*Source Material: Interpol, Turn on the Bright Lights
Celebrating the album’s 10th anniversary with a look at its influences: “Like a rich and well-versed study of post-punk’s most daring and innovative pioneers, the album helped kick start the genre’s revival.”

*Oh, and there’s lots more! Find the rest below under the main link:

21st-Century Psychedelia
Label Spotlight: Sub Pop Records, The Early Years
Label Spotlight: Sub Pop Records, The ’00s & Beyond
Senior Year, 2002: Electroclash Raverz
The Modern Goth Chick
Radio: Indie Now
Cheat Sheet: Post-Rock
Source Material: Beck, Odelay
Senior Year, 2006-’07: Animal Bands
Radio: ’90s Alternative
Cheat Sheet: Merge Records
Cheat Sheet: Matador Records


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